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Meet the Founder

Founder of Navigate Wireless

George brings a wealth of experience to the cellular phone retail electronics industry, with a career spanning back to 1985. In 2004, he channeled his passion into the establishment of Navigate Wireless, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the wireless customer experience and delivering unparalleled service. Today, Navigate Wireless stands as the preferred destination for a diverse clientele seeking comprehensive cellular and accessory solutions across Washington and Oregon.

At the forefront, George serves as a visionary leader, guiding the personal development of our managerial and associate teams while charting the strategic course of our company. Beyond the endeavor of motivating associates to provide exceptional customer service, George collaborates actively with our accessory manager in the meticulous curation of premium products that seamlessly complement our superior phone lineup.

George's expertise extends to enhancing cellular performance for businesses, covering both the technical design intricacies and the nuanced aspects of leases, revenue payments, and more. He extends a warm invitation to potential customers to visit our establishment, offering an opportunity to explore our exceptional products firsthand and experience the consistently outstanding service we provide, both before and after the sale.